Hier finden Lehrende und Lernende Materialien und Informationen rund um das Fach Englisch.

Bilingual Classes







Reference Books for a Bilingual Library
  • Neil A. Campbell, Biology, fourth edition, The Benjamin/Cummings Publishing Company, Inc., Menlo Park, California, 1996. [ISBN 0-8053-1940-9]
  • Sylvia Mader, Inquiry into Life, eighth edition, Wm. C. Brown Publishers, 1997.[ISBN 0-697-25181-0]
    • G. Tyler Miller, JR. Environmental Science, Sixth Editon, Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1997. [ISBN 0-534-50616-X]

Miller on the Internet

  • R. Snooper (editor) Biological Science 1 und 2, Cambridge University Press, [ISBN 0-521-37784-6 und ISBN 0-521-37785-4]
  • Gerard J. Tortora, Introduction to the Human Body, the Essentials of Anatomy and Physiology, Harper Collins College Publishers, [ISBN 0-06-501363-8 (student ed.) or ISBN 0-06-501389-1 (instructors’s edition)]
  • D. Allen and Gareth Williams, Food, Farming and Environment, Collins Advanced Modular Science, Collins Educational, Harper Collins Publishers Ltd, 1997. [ISBN 0-00-322391]
  • M.J. Reiss and J.L. Chapman, Ecology and Conservation, Cambridge Modular Sciences, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1994. [ISBN 0-521-42158-6]
  • Jean Roberts, Mastering Human Biology, Macmillan, [ISBN 0-333-52042-4]
  • J. Callaghan, M. Jenkins, GCSE Exams Biology 1998, Questions and Answers, Letts Educational. [ISBN 1-85758-605-0]
  • M. Jenkins, Human Biology, Human Physiology and Health, GCSE Study Guide, Letts Educational, [ISBN 1-85758-584-4]
  • Nick Arnorld, Blood, Bones and Bony Bits, Scholastic Children's Books, Scholastic Ltd, 1996 [ISBN 0590-55807-2]
Textbooks for Students Forms 10 and 11
  • Pickering, W.R. Complete Biology. Oxford University Press. Oxford 2000.[ISBN: 0-19-914739-6]
  • Peter Givens and Michael Reiss, Human Biology and Health Studies, Nelson. [ISBN 0-17-438699-0]
  • D.G. Mackean, Human Life, Murray, (less detailed) [ISBN 0-7195-4500-5]
  • D. G. Mackean, GCSE Biology, second edition, John Murray Publishers LTD, London, 1995. [ISBN 0-795-5302-4] (more detailed, but too complex for many students)
  • Micheal Roberts, the living world, second edition, Thomas Nelson and Sons, Walton-on Thames, Surrey, 1996. [ ISBN 0-17-438701-6] (less detailed)
  • David Wright, Human Biology, Heinemann, [ISBN 0-435-59960-7]
  • Martin Griffin, Alison Redmore, Human Systems, Nelson, [ISBN 0-17-448199-3]