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In most schools the bilingual seminar course is the continuation of bilingual education at the upper level of Baden-Württemberg's secondary schools with a German-English department.

To qualify for the Bilingual Certificate students choose either a natural science or social science topic within a wider topic such as "sustainability". They are expected to write a research protocol (work journal) and a research paper, to give a presentation on their topic and to further explain details of their research in a colloquium.

Contents and expectations of the Bilingual Seminar Course follow the 1998 guidelines issued with the introduction of the "Seminarkurs" as optional extra activity at the upper level of secondary schools in Baden-Württemberg.
The Bilingual Seminar Course aims at developing students' competence in independent information retrieval, cooperation, giving public speeches, planning and writing research papers. It further promotes the students' ability to use electronic equipment and media critically and constructively and as practical tools in their work with individual topics.


Format, Bibliography, Footnotes, Plagiarism,...

Internet, Libraries, Institutions, Effective Reading

Note Taking, Memorization, Time Management, ...