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=== Jmol ===

Jmol is an open-source molecule viewer and editor written in Java.

Please check out http://www.jmol.org/.

Usage questions/comments should be posted to jmol-users@lists.sourceforge.net

Development questions/suggestions/comments should be posted
to jmol-developers@lists.sf.net

Files list:
-COPYRIGHT.txt: Copyright informations
-jmol.bat: Script to run Jmol on Windows
-Jmol.jar: Jmol application
-Jmol.js: JavaScript Library to simplify development of web pages.
It uses the JmolApplet0-6.jar and JmolApplet_i18n.jar files
(or the signed version).
JmolApplet_i18n.jar: Jmol applet packaged in several .jar files.
-JmolApplet.jar: Jmol applet packaged in one file.
This file is kept for compatibility reasons,
you should use the version above.
JmolAppletSigned_i18n.jar: Jmol applet (signed) packaged in several.jar files.
-JmolAppletSigned.jar: Same as JmolApplet.jar but signed.
-README.txt: this file.