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"comment on ...." vs. "discuss"

Wo liegt der Unterschied zwischen den beiden Operatoren?


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This is what the list of task descriptors in the "Servicepaket Moderne Fremdsprachen" (Kultusministerium B-W) says:


comment on… / state…

give your opinion, back it up with all the relevant points

discuss consider all sides of an issue by providing relevant arguments and concrete examples


What does this mean for the structure of my essay?

structure essay comment on discuss Englisch Landesbildungsserver Baden-Württemberg


Please remember:

  • Begin a new paragraph for each new idea.
  • Make sure you use topic sentences (= introductory sentences to a block, e.g. However, there are many people who disagree with this opinion).
  • Make sure you use linking words to structure your ideas.
  • Do not just list one argument after the other. Explain your arguments, give examples, show consequences…. your essay will be much more convincing that way.
  • Remember to write in formal style (no colloquialisms, no slang, use full forms (e.g. he is, they are instead of he's and they're).



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