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//   "WebHangman"  JavaScript Hangman
//   Copyright (C) 2000,2001  Jan Mulder
//   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
//   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
//   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
//   (at your option) any later version, and as long as this notice is
//   kept unmodified at the top of the script source code.
//   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
//   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
//   GNU General Public License (license.txt) for more details.
//   To contact me visit: http://janmulder.com/contact/
//   Jeu lgrement chang par Richard Nisius
//   http://richardnisius.de


Hangman Script by Jan Mulder.
For help or feedback contact: info@EnglishCafe.co.uk

This script is free. You may use it as-is or modify it to suit your needs.
Please put an acknowledgement to me (see above) somewhere in the head section
of your page source. Some visible acknowledgement, while not necessary, is
customary and would be nice.

This script has been written from the ground up so

Below you is the hangman data.

"sourceDir" is the location of the hangman script (and images) relative to this file.
I usually put them in a subfolder called "hangman". You can also place them in the
same folder as this file. "sourceDir" would then be nothing. You will need to
include the line:

var sourceDir = "";

"words" is an array of word pairs used in the game. The first word is the actual
word to guess. The second is an optional hint. This can be a word or phrase.
If you don't want to use hints you just leave this field with an empty string.

For example:

var words = new Array(
 "word1", "",
 "word2", "",
 "word3", ""

Notice that the last item in the array is NOT followed by a comma. This is standard
JavaScript and if you put it there it will crash.

R. Nisius:

Franzsische Buchstaben mit Akzent mssen durch folgende Zahlen ersetzt werden:

 = 0
 = 1
 = 2
 = 3
 = 4
 = 5
 = 6
 = 7
- = 8
' = 9


<script language="JavaScript">
var sourceDir = "";

var words = new Array(
 "LA TABLE","der Tisch",
 "LA CUISINE","On y prpare les repas",
 "LA CHAISE","Elle est devant la table",
 "1 TABLE","bei Tisch",
 "LA CUILL4RE","Elle sert  manger le potage",
 "LE COUTEAU","Il sert  couper qc",
 "L9ASSIETTE","On y met le potage",
 "LA FOURCHETTE","Elle sert  manger la viande",
 "LE POT","Il sert  faire cuire qc",
 "LA VIANDE","das Fleisch",
 "LES P2TES","die Nudeln",
 "LA SALADE","Elle est verte",
 "LE L3GUME","Il vient du jardin",
 "LA POMME DE TERRE","die Kartoffel",
 "LES FRUITS","das Obst",
 "L9ORANGE","Elle a la mme couleur",
 "LA TOMATE","Un lgume rouge",
 "LE POIVRON","Un lgume jaune, vert ou rouge",
 "LE POTAGE","die Suppe",
 "METTRE LA TABLE","Il faut le faire avant le repas",
 "LE REPAS","das Essen",
 "9APP3TIT","Avant le repas, on dit: bon ...!",
 "MANGER QC","etwas essen",
 "FAIRE CUIRE QC","etwas kochen, braten, backen",
 "LE CUISINIER","der Koch",
 "LE DESSERT","On le mange aprs le fromage",
 "LE LAIT","Il est blanc",
 "LE CAF3","Les Franais le prennent aprs le repas",
 "LE CHOCOLAT CHAUD","der Kakao",
 "LE BEURRE","On le met sur la tartine",
 "L9EAU MIN3RALE","Elle n'a pas d'alcool",
 "LA CONFITURE","Elle est sucre",
 "LE LAVE8VAISSELLE","Il sert  laver les assiettes"

Now we include the script file "hangman.js"
This must be done AFTER the words data has been defined. (see above)
<script src="hangman_ei.js"></script>

The rest is straightforward.
Some in the page you must call the following functions:
drawHangman();   - this draws the hangman picture
drawControl();   - this draws the control panel with letters
drawAnswer();    - this draws the answer display
drawHint();      - this draws the hint button and display. (optional)

You can choose the layout and design of your page because you can call the
functions anywhere in the page.

<h1>Le jeu du pendu&nbsp;: La cuisine</h1>

Clique sur &laquo;&nbsp;<b>Jeu</b>&nbsp;&raquo; pour jouer. Puis clique sur les lettres et devine les mots.<br>
Si tu cliques sur &laquo;&nbsp;<b>Tuyau</b>&nbsp;&raquo;, on t'aide un peu. Mais tu perds un point&nbsp;!

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<p>JavaScript par <a href="http://janmulder.com/"  target="_blank">Jan Mulder</a>, adapt&eacute; par <a href="http://richardnisius.de"  target="_blank">Richard Nisius</a>.</p>