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Do's and Don'ts


REMEMBER you are a representative of the British Commonwealth.
KEEP your eyes and ears open.
BE SMART and soldierly in dress and bearing.
AVOID loose talk and loose conduct.
BE FIRM AND FAIR in any dealings with Germans.
KEEP GERMANS AT A DISTANCE, even those with whom you have official dealings.
STEER CLEAR of all disputes between German political parties.
GO EASY on Schnaps.
REMEMBER that in Germany "venereal diseases” strike at every fourth person between the ages of 15 and 41.


DON'T sell or give away dress or equipment.
DON'T be sentimental. If things are tough for the Germans they have only themselves to blame. They made things much worse for the innocent people of the countries they occupied.
DON'T believe German accounts of the war or the events that led up to it. The Germans got their ideas on these subjects from lying propaganda.
DON'T fall for political hard-luck stories.
DON'T believe tales against our Allies or the Dominions. They are aimed at sowing ill will between us.
DON'T be taken in by surface resemblances between the Germans and ourselves.
DON'T go looking for trouble.

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